Liden Primary School

Liden Primary School


Liden PTA

Liden PTA are a very successful and committed PTA.

Committee Members are: 

Becky Chapman:            Chair

Karen Brown:                  Vice Chair

Sammie Copestake:        Secretary 

Stephen Turner-Powell:   Treasurer 

Michelle Betterton:           Helper

Tracey Gibson:                 Helper 

Some of the things we have helped to provide for the school include:

  • Library resources including new furniture, seating and books
  • Money for each key stage group to spend on what is needed for each year
  • External chalkboards for KS1
  • Arithmatic and study guides

Since September 2018 we have organised the following:

  • Halloween Disco
  • Christmas Fete
  • Christmas Shop
  • Easter Disco
  • Easter Raffle

In order to continue to do this, we need the support of our parents.

As parents, you are automatically members of the PTA and you may feel eager to join our

The  Liden PTA committee meet in a very informal way approximately once a term.
The meetings last about half an hour and serve the purpose of discussing events planned for the
children. Members have become friends over the years and enjoy sharing other news with each
other as well.

You do not have to become a member of the committee to help out at any of the events. Just ask!
We do welcome new faces and need your support in order to survive!

If you do become a member of the committee, there is no obligation to attend every meeting, and
minutes of the meeting are always sent home with your child.

The work of our PTA has helped the school flourish into the successful school that it has become.
Please help us continue to go forward and support in any way that you can.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Chairperson, Liden PTA