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School Readiness

As children in Liden Academy Nursery and Pre-School look to begin their first school year, whether it be Liden Academy or otherwise, ensuring your child is ready for this exciting next stage is a priority for us. We want to ensure your child has the very best foundations on which to build and below is a comprehensive list of the skills and attributes we will work with you on to ensure your child achieves.

  • Do I recognise and respond to my own name?
  • Can I speak to an adult politely?
  • Can I talk in full sentences?
  • Am I developing a rich and detailed vocabulary?
  • Do I know when to ask for help?
  • Am I aware and respectful of my friends around me?
  • Can I sit still and listen when asked?
  • Can I take turns and share nicely with my friends
  • Do I understand words like 'no' and 'stop' and understand that this may be to keep me safe?
  • Can I visit the toilet without the help of a grown-up?
  • Can I take my coat off and get dressed and undressed on my own?
  • Can I open and enjoy a book independently and with a grown-up?

For advice and support on any of the considerations above, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff at Liden Academty pre-school.

You will need to apply to Swindon Borough Council for your child to attend a School place whether it be to come to Liden Academy School or any other school within the Borough.  Even if your child already attends Liden Academy Nursery and PreSchool, this does not automatically mean they will have a place at Liden Academy.  Please see communications from Swindon Borough Council regarding enrolling your child for September 2018 school places.

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